The Feed Market Stall

The Feed Market Stall is located on Norwich Market Row A Stall 24/25, look out for our board on Gentleman’s Walk to signpost you in the right direction!

We serve a selection of delicious deli style sandwiches on artisan bread, seasonal salads as well as fresh and authentic curry boxes which change on a daily basis.

All our products are locally sourced where possible and packed full of meaning! All of the profits will be invested back into supporting even more people in Norwich, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘feel good food’.


Our Market Stall Menu.

The Big Reuben – Plenty of Pastrami, Sauerkraut,Gherkin,Cheddar,Mustard Mayo and Rocket £6.00

Norfolk New Yorker – Norfolk Pastrami, Colmans Wholegrain Mustard, Cheddar and Rocket £4.20

Classic Reuben – Norfolk Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Rocket and Mustard Mayo £4.20

Roasted Veggies – Marinated slices of Aubergine, Courgette, Shallot, Pepper and Chickpea Houmous £4.20

Marinated Mushroom – Mushrooms, Feta, Rocket and Pesto £4.20

El Cubano – Mojo Pork, Ham, Gherkin, Cheddar, Rocket, Mustard and Mojo Sauce £5.50

Classical Twist – Ham, Cheddar, Mustard Mayo and Rocket £4.20

Mojo – Mojo Pork, Gherkin, Cheddar and Mojo Sauce £4.20

Curry Boxes – Fresh, Zingy and packed full of flavour, from Fragrant Thai to Veggie Masala with a Kick! Boxes change daily, all served with rice and for only £3.00!

Mojo Garlic Bread– Delicious and very garlicky £2.00 per portion.

Delicious Cakes– from only £1.50 and changing daily!

A Selection of– Freshly made coffee, cordials, tea and Belu Water all from just £1.00

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