“My journey with LEAP has been the product of a set of unfortunate circumstances that culminated in being homeless, but turned out to be a huge blessing in my life today and in the future.

As a client the support and guidance from the LEAP Team was very motivating and encouraging. Through LEAP I managed to get back into employment as a support worker for adults with learning difficulties.

At the beginning of 2014 I was given another great opportunity when I was asked to help develop The Feed. I always wanted to be in the catering industry. During my time with The Feed, I learnt a lot about business and management. Working with other former and current LEAP clients was a great challenge which I found very rewarding.

I have made lifelong friends and thanks to the experience and confidence I gained through The Feed I am now setting up my own African food catering business based in Norwich, called Totem. I will always feel a part and be proud of what LEAP and The Feed are about. Thanks to the great Team at LEAP.”

– Munya Mutsinze


The Feed